Aquarium Cabinet Soho

Custom Dressing Room
100 square feet

Chelsea Loft
Full Kitchen

Chelsea Loft Project
Custom Multi-function Cube Space

Greenwich Village
Child's Bedroom

Cabinet Maker's Bench


Some projects begin with an inherent challenge that makes them feel like I had better do them, or no one else will give them enough devotion. I am frequently asked to take a basic design concept or client's needs through to a practical build-able solution, or to take on a project that requires a special understanding of the client's circumstances.

These are examples of projects that required an unusual amount of problem solving, research, and development to be brought to completion.

I have been producing custom woodwork and cabinetry in New York City since 1985. My shop functions as a service for Architects, Contractors, Interior Designers and Homeowners who appreciate the care and service that I bring to their projects. I am equally able to work with and realize a designer or architect's drawings and conception of a given project, or provide design suggestions directly to clients.